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Bone metabolism and regeneration

Bone Lab has its research activity mainly centered in bone metabolism and regeneration, reaching hand of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo methodologies. The major aim is a deeper understanding of bone tissue functionality in physiological and pathological conditions.


Current scientific advances result from cross-departmental programs and established multidisciplinary collaborations with several national and international groups embracing basic and clinical sciences. The lab relies on many visiting researchers with a diverse scientific backgrounds, greatly contributing to produce new translational knowledge in this area.


By being integrated into a multidisciplinary research network, our main role is to provide valid comments to the development of innovative pharmacological strategies and materials design in bone tissue regenerative applications, relying on an integrated view of molecular, cellular and tissue responses.

Cytotoxicity and biocompatibility


Bone Lab has also an established activity on cytotoxicity and biocompatibility evaluation of a diverse range of molecules, devices and materials seeking a wide range of pharmacological and biomedical applications. This would assist in early decision making and drug/product development and valorization.

Bone Lab is hosted by the Faculty of Dental Medicine, U. Porto - FMDUP.

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