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Accreditation - ISO/IEC 17025

BoneLab is currently in the process for the accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025.
Quality Policy
BoneLab aims the complete satisfaction of the stakeholders, with a commitment with the continuous improvement of its activity, and the prosecution of excellence, focusing on the promotion of quality, reliability of analytical data and good practices with all intervening collaborators.  

In this way, Bone Lab is committed with:

  • Answer adequately to the needs and exigencies of our clients, developing activities and services that satisfy the expectations of the intervenient stakeholders;

  • Guarantee the impartiality, independence and good technical and professional practices, further guaranteeing the quality in the conducted assays and services;

  • Guarantee professional confidentially within the conducted assays;

  • Conduct the assays in accordance with regulatory procedures and guidelines, in agreement with the client needs and objectives;

  • Promote the development and capacitation of all collaborators, guaranteeing the commitment with the implemented Quality System;

  • Assure the organization and process systematization within the frame of the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines

  • Guarantee the commitment with continuous improvement process, within the frame of the implemented Quality System.

Please contact us for more information on certified assays. 


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